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1) Three Students of our Department stood first in the merit list of Shivaji University, Kolhapur. 2) The department has succefully organized workshops on “Competitive examinations and History” 3) Two Minor Research Projects are ongoing under the scheme of U.G.C. 4) All the Staff is Working for University Level Examinations. 5) Dr. C.G. Patil is Member of B.O.S. and faculty, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. 6) Our Students Got the Number in Avishlar Poster Presentation Research Competition. 7) The Students of our Department have achived third prize in ‘Avishkar’ in Poster Presentation Research Competition.

Departmental Activities

1. We have 0rganized Teachers’ Day on 5th Sept. 2014. 2. Test-Unit Tests, Surprise Tests, Openbook Test. 3. Seminars of B.A III Students 4. Projects of B.A III Students 5. Library Visit 6. The Forum of the Students is established for the active participation of the students for the personality development. 7. Wall Papers Presented by the Students every year. 8. Expert Lectures were invited by our department 9. Excursion Study Tour.


Name Qualification Designation
Smt. Kirti K. Kolap (C.H.B) M.A.B.Ed Assistant Professor
Mr. R. S. Kumbhar (C.H.B.) M.A.SET,NET Assistant Professor
Dr. H. D. Nadaf (C.H.B.) M.A.,M.Phil, Ph.D. Assistant Professor