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Dr. Ghodake Jeevan Shivaji
M.Sc. Ph.D.



The department of physics established in 1982 as under graduate course. Department has contribution for both teaching and research. Shivaji University, Kolhapur has recognized our department as a research centre for M. Phil and Ph. D. degree course. Today department is an active for research work. The research area of the department are Material science, Thin films etc. In all three research students are working for their research degree. The department has purchased research instruments under funds received by Additional assistance grant. ACADEMIC PROGRAMME AT THE DEPARTMENT • Graduate program in Physics • M. Phil in Physics • Ph. D. in Physics

Departmental Activities

HIGHLIGHTS OF DEPARTMENT • Area – 210.75 Sq.m. Laboratory – 3, Dark Room- 1, Seating Room – 1, Research Laboratory -1 • Associate Professor -1, Assistant Professor-2 Non-Teaching Staff- 03, Strength of student-590 • Major Equipments : LCR-Q meter, Spray Pyrolysis unit, Digital balance, Furnace - 2, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Computer, Printer, Optical Bench etc. • Result: Average Result of B.Sc. III – 91% • University Ranks: Two [ 6th, 10th ] • Workshops organized -3 • Teachers Publications: Conferences: International-5, National – 14 Research Papers published – 10 Minor Research Project- 2


Name Qualification Designation
Mr. Sunil Niwrutti Nawghare M. Sc. B. Ed., NET Assistant Professor
Mr. Balu S. Harale M.Sc. M. Phil. Assistant Professor


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