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The Department of History, Padambhushan Dr.Vasantraodada Patil Mahavidyalaya, is heir to the tradition established (1962) by the founder, Shikshanmaharshi Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe. Department of History is one of PDVPM activist department. The department has a separate Department adjacent to the Faculty of Arts. The Department of History offers undergraduate, postgraduate, Certificate Courses and research courses. The major areas of focus in the Department of History, PDVPM are:

  • Thrust Area:

1. Sources History of Princely States on Southern Maratha Country States

2. Cultural, Social & Economical History

3. Local History

4. Intellectual History

5. Modern Maharashtra

6. Studies of Maratha History

  • Courses offered by Department of History:-
  • B.A (History)                                   -   42 Students
  • M.A (History)                                  -   50 Students
  • Certificate Course in Modi Script-   43 Students
  • Certificate Course in Tourism       -   35 Students


  1. Department is keen in developing interdisciplinary inquiry in the field of history. It will enhance the sphere of history by including various fields of historical studies; like Archaeology, Social History, Local History, Intellectual History, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Indology. Department will strive to emerge as the premier Institute of Historical Studies.
  2. Department is keen to evolve new pedagogical tools. In that process departments of history is using Films and Documentaries and audio-video materials
  3. In view to connect history syllabus with contemporary challenges and to make history learning applied with academic environment full of critical engagement department is thinking of launching different certificate and diploma courses in coming future.
  4. Department is innovative in employing different participatory mode of examination student are asked to write book reviews, visit reports, report writing of the seminar conference and workshops.
  5. Department is promoting participatory method of learning. Department organizes student seminars, quiz competitions, mind Map, group discussion, open discussions to train students. It regularly organizes tours to historical places, museums and tourist destinations. Student has to prepare the reports based on their field visits.
  6. Department uses modern technology like LCD projector and internet etc. for teaching.


All the faculty members Department are picking different research themes from Medieval Deccan and Modern India, Modern Maharashtra, Maratha History, Southern Maratha Country State and Western, Southern India. They are innovatively engaged in the research which employs new research methods with different approaches like feminism, subaltern,environmentalist and anti-caste. The faculty has the expertise to answer any enquiry related to study in history of world in general and history of India particular.


Research activities in the department would be strengthened. To this end, the department is planning to emphasis on research activities with the support from the head of the College. The faculty members will undertake Minor/Major research projects with financial assistance from UGC, ICSSR, ICHR, MHRD, State University and other funding agencies. For this, we would make the maximum use of the computers in the teaching and research activities. The departmental library will start functioning from next academic year and the department plans to subscribe the referred journals relevant to the subject. Audio-visual teaching aids and internet would be used limberly for class room instruction.To enhance the numerical graph of higher education amongst the youth of the region; enrich the quality and standard of teaching and learning through modern technology & science; create sound research background, excellent human resource with versatile personality, stimulate and support pro-poor community activities and in doing so strengthen all round regional progress and development.The department is planning to sign MoUs with Indian Universities/Institutions to establish cooperation in the areas of teaching, research and training. The department is planning to publish a book entitled Local Studies of Southern Maharashtra.


The department faculty can provide valuable guidance to the students who are preparing for competitive examinations conducted at nation and state level. The faculty has the expertise to answer any enquiry related to study in history of world in general and history of India particular. Faculty Member frequently participates in public functions, deliver lecture on variety of topic and occasionally contribute to newspaper a magazines. The department also organizes coaching and workshops for students appearing competitive exam. 90 present of the students come from rural areas and other SEBC category of the society. In that light Departmental faculty takes efforts to train them in academic language and supports them in their day to day academic problems.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Head of the Dept.





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