Vision Mission

About us - 

  • Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space  and change.
  • The Department of Mathematics come into existence since the inception of the college in the year 1987.
  • Department has been running in accordance with the guidelines provided by UGC.

Vision –

  • The goal of the department is to develop and offer dynamic programmes in the Mathematical sciences that will prepare students to enter new fields of specializations.
  • We aim at offering  more diverse and flexible tracks to make our students highly competitive in the job market.
  • We hope to be able to expand our faculty to have specialists in those fields that can help us reach our go


  • The main mission of the Department of Mathematics is to offer high quality instruction in Mathematics to all students that it serves.
  • The department strives to teach the main ideas and methods of mathematics and to build up the students reasoning and analytical skills.
  • The department maintains programs and teaching practices that match those at most undergraduate programs. As the department offers courses in support of other degree programs, our mission is to make sure that these courses are taught at a high standard and meet the needs of those programs.