Department of Political Science

About Department

About Department
Welcome to the department which aims at equipping the students with
the needed the Scientific knowledge and useful information to study the
various Political Phenomena.
Political Science is one of the important branches of Social Science. It is the
study of range of Political concepts, Institutions and ideas. Political Science
provides deeper understanding of world of politics. Political Science is
concerned with location of ‘Power’, ‘Interest’ and ‘Resources’ in the society.
Elections studies (Psychology), study of parties and party system, forms of
Government etc. Are also important concerns of discipline of the Political
Studying Political Science can open up wide range of job opportunities for
students. Political Science is always one of the favorite subjects of competitive
exams aspirants. Special knowledge in this subject can be helpful for those who
are interested in careers in Journalism, Law, Active Politics and various
Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).The Concern to
Subject of Political Science Describe its scope and important from Beginning to
Established in June, 1962 the Department of Political Science of this
college provides Under-Graduate Course in this subject. At present, the
department is headed by Prof.V.J.Jadhav The faculty in the department is well
qualified with a pronounced academic experience.
Vision –
To empower the youth, especially belonging to the Marginalized sections of
society, through quality education, so as to make them good human beings and
responsible citizens, beside enabling them to meet the challenges of the
contemporary knowledge society.

Mission –

To Make Responsible Citizens.
 To Create Political awareness among the students.
 To Motivate Research Cultural among Students.
 To Develop National Integrity among the Students.
 To Strengthen department library Facility
 To encourage new ideas and activities that upholds and maintain Indian
culture and customs.



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