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PDVP, Tasagaon


Dr. Kulkarni Narendra Anant
M.Sc., Ph.D.


1) All faculties with Ph. D.engaged in active research. 2) Laboratory recognized for M. Phil. And Ph. D. research work. 3) 05 Minor Research Project completed and 01 is ongoing. 4) Well-equipped laboratories. 5) Consistently good results.

Departmental Activities

1) Organized various Conferences, workshops and Seminars. 2) Provides Consultancies in areas such as Agriculture, Environment protection and Plantation, Remote Sensing and Coastal Ecology, Identification, Cultivation and Conservation of Medicinal Plants, Organic Farming,Cropping Pattern, Irrigation Methods, Bio control and Pest Management. Supply of Pure Culture of Trichoderma and Isolates of Fusarium.


Name Qualification Designation
Prof. Andoji Yogesh Suresh (C.H.B.) M.Sc. Assistant Professor
Dr. Patil Alaka Anandrao M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor


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