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Prabhakar Patil



Number of Students are goes on increasing every year.

Departmental Activities

Department of Mathematics At a Glance • Minor Research Project – Amount Rs 1,80,000/- “A Study of Fuzzy Model; for Marketing of Raisin and currant” • Result above 90% • Number of Girls are more than number of Boys every year. • Strength of Students goes on increasing. • Departmental Library of amount Rs 20,000 /- • Project work and seminars. • Coaching for P.G. Entrance examination. • Publishing “Objective Question Bank” for M.Sc.Entrance examination and competitive examinations. • Formed booklets for problem solving sessions. • Conducted , organized and sponsored Bapuji Talent Search Examination [B.T.S.] by Student of Mathematics for students of Std VII of Primary and Secondary level to develop skill , reasoning power. [ 20 educational institutes ]. • Other academic , curricular and cultural activities.


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