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PDVP, Tasagaon



  • Strength

    1. Highly qualified staff. 2. Up-to-date computer Laboratory with internet facility. 3. Separate Department Library facility. 4. Separate Class rooms for all classes. 5. Lectures using LCD projector. 6. R-software and MS-Excel capsule courses.

    Departmental Activities

    1. Educational survey for projects in different villages. 2. Participation in poster presentation competition of AWISKAR. 3. Workshop on “Revised syllabus of Statistics at B.Com. Part II. 4. Organized guest lecture for B.Sc. III Students. 5. Test at every week-end, surprise tests and seminar once in every month.


Name Qualification Designation
Prof Gaikawad Priyanka D. (C.H.B.) M.Sc. Assistant Professor
Prof. Pawar Uday H. (C.H.B.) M.Sc. Assistant Professor
Prof. Pawar Bhagawan S. (C.H.B.) M.Sc. Assistant Professor
Prof.Pawar Vilas Y. M.Sc. Assistant Professor
Prof. Jadhav Venkat N. M.A. M. Phil Assistant Professor
Dr. Kumbhar Ramesh R. M.Sc., Ph.D. Principal