SSR 4th Cycle

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Curricular Aspects

Crieterian I pertains to the practices of an Institute in initating a wide range of programs options and courses that are in tune with the immerging national, global trends and relevant to the needs.

Criterion I

Teaching Learning and Evaluation

Citerian II pertains to the efforts of an Institute to serve students of differnet backgrounds and abilities, through effctive teaching-learning experiences.


Criterion II

Research, Innovations and Extensions

This criterion seeks information on the policies, practices and outcomes of the Institute, with reference to research, innovations and extensions.

Criterion III

Infrastructure and Learing Resouces

This criterion seeks the adequacy and optimal use of the facilities available in an Institute are essential to maintain the quality of academic and cocurricular and extra curricular activities on the campus

Criterion IV

Students Support and Progression

The highlights of these criterion V are the efforts are an institute to provide necessary assistants to students, to unable them to aquire meaningful experiences for learing at the campus and to facilitied their holistic development and progression

Criterion V

Governance, Leadership and Management

Effective functioning of an Institute can be gauged by the policies and practices it has evolved in the matter of planning human resources, recruitments, training,  perfomace appraisal, financial management and overall roll of the leadership.

Criterion VI

Institutional Values and Best Practices

Every institute has a mandate to be responsive to at leasts a few pressing issues such as gender equity and environmental conciousness and sustanability, inclusiveness and professional ethics. In order to be relevant in changing national and global contacts.

Criterion VII

Extended Profile


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